Cookie Policy

When you access this website, our web servers will automatically and permanently record certain connection data such as the identity of your internet service provider, the website you are visiting us from as well as date, time, frequency and navigation of your visit. We record this data solely for the purposes of compiling statistics and we will not use it in any other way.

We will record data on the site using ‘cookies’. Cookies are files of information that are stored on your computer to help enhance and personalise your web browsing experience. Cookies are also used for session control purposes and enable you to remain “logged in” to the site whilst moving between pages. Any session based cookie set by this site will be deleted when you close your browser.

The value stored in the cookie is an anonymous identifier, which is not linked to any other personal information you may supply during your visit. If you do not wish to receive these cookies, you can disable them in your browser. You therefore always have the possibility of rejecting the installation of a cookie on your computer though doing so may affect the functionality of the website. We do not use cookies for advertising purposes or for the creation of user profiles or for other commercial evaluation purposes without your consent. The use of cookies predominantly serves statistical purposes as well as compliance with user conditions in the context of the Anchor Good Stuff Hub.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. Acceptance of cookies is usually necessary for a Member to use the service and does NOT compromise your personal data in any way.

This website uses three types of cookies:

• Functional cookies: These are essential for the operation of the site, do not contain any personal information and are deleted when you close your Internet browser.

• Analytics cookies: These are used to record page visits and traffic sources to enable us to measure and improve the performance of our site using the Google Analytics service.

• Third Party cookies: These are principally used in two areas:

To support interaction between our Support Helpdesk - Zendesk.

To enhance interaction with Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. If you use these sites then cookies may be set by our site. The cookies may be used to display adverts on the Social media site that are deemed to be of interest to you.

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