Our Butter Story

Our Butter Story

Welcome to Westbury, the heart of butter country.
Known for its famous White Horse, and today,
our delicious Anchor butter.

Early Anchor workers


Anchor has been churning butter since 1886 and manufactured at our Westbury dairy since 2012. That’s a whopping 130 years of dairy expertise.

Our distinctive red Anchor has been knocking around British family kitchens since before there was even sliced bread to butter.
Anchor farm


Our block butter contains just two ingredients, milk and salt. And to make our spreadable, we blend it with rapeseed oil so that you can enjoy the rich buttery taste and spread it straight from the fridge.

Our butter is produced in the UK from 100% British milk. Our farmers care for their cows according to our quality control programme Arlagården®. This programme ensures our cows are healthy, comfortable and well fed at all times. We firmly believe that happy, healthy cows produce the best milk!

We are farmer-owned, so when you buy Anchor butter, you know you’re helping support our farmers and their families.


We like to keep things simple. That’s why our butter recipes use simple and authentic ingredients that you can trust.

That means no palm oil, hydrogenated fats, artificial colourings or preservatives. Just real, wholesome dairy.

As you can see, we could talk about our delicious butter ‘til the cows come home!
But don’t forget, we make mouth-watering cheddar and squirty cream too! For more information, head over to Products.